Óscar Ruiz Chicote: "The core of Elliot Water's solution must be the analytical capacity, based on integrated information and processes".

Óscar Ruiz Chicote - Elliot

Elliot Cloud CEO Óscar Ruiz Chicote presented the technological solution in the first webinar on the "Keys to digitalisation in the water sector" organised by Isle Utilities in collaboration with iAgua.

The CEO of Elliot Cloud, has intervened in the first webinar driven by Isle Utilities in cooperation with iWaterunder the title Keys to digitisation in the water sector?. Professionals from the sector also took part in this event to discuss the most relevant technologies and learn about the most innovative case studies in the sector today.

In his intervention, Ruiz Chicote highlighted the adaptation that water management companies are undertaking to compete in an environment marked by climate change, pollution and population growth.

In this context, it has presented the benefits of Elliot Water in the digitalisation of the water sector. This technological solution, created to manage and optimise the complete water cycle, provides a complete vision and coverage of the problems of the entire process in order to relate and orchestrate all the management and operation of the systems and devices involved.

The CEO of Elliot Cloud remarked: "The core of the Elliot Water solution must be the analytical capacity, based on integrated information and processes". He also stated that the proposal is "to have a digital twin to know what is happening in real time, and at the same time, to know what may happen in the future".


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