Success Story: Sabesp

How Elliot Cloud is helping São Paulo manage its water resources network

Challenge and context

Water is a scarce resource and water management is a priority for our societies, gaining importance in densely populated areas of the world and in those places where access to water. Up to & nbsp; 35% of water is lost due to the inefficiency of some distribution networks & nbsp; and, even today, more than 1 billion people suffer from water cuts.

Sabesp is a water resources management company, considered & nbsp; one of the largest sanitation companies in the world in terms of population served & nbsp; and responsible for 30% of the basic sanitation investments made in Brazil. Its network in the São Paulo metropolitan area consists of 6.3 million water connections, 34 water treatment plants, 387 reservoirs that store 2.3b liters of water, and a 40,300 km long distribution network.

In this context, Sabesp requested, as a public tender in December 2019, an & nbsp; ICT solution capable of managing its telemetry and telemonitoring system based on real-time data . His interest was to combine the latest trends in IO to make his water resources management a reality.


Our solution allows you to connect and manage all types of IoT devices, allowing a rapid deployment of secure and scalable systems. It covers the entire chain of an IoT solution: from data collection, device management and secure data storage, to efficient data visualization, definition of business rules and subsequent integration with existing systems.

Within this use case with Sabesp, Elliot Cloud is the solution that is being used to & nbsp; solve the different business challenges at Sabesp & nbsp; helping in two different aspects:

  1. Provide a & nbsp; monitoring, event management and data behavior analysis system & nbsp; of automation for operational processes of the business unit in the Capivari / Jundiaí region.
  2. Provide a system of & nbsp; measurement of consumption in real time & nbsp; in the water network for the municipality of Murungaba.

This project has allowed Elliot Cloud to focus on vertical “water” by building a new offering. & nbsp; ElliotWater is a system that uses IoT technology for data collection, reducing data error and cost . It uses telemetry solutions and advanced analytical technology such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and State Estimation Techniques, allowing an intelligent management of supply networks

How it works

ElliotWater is the IO operating system built as a bespoke and secure industrial solution. It covers needs & nbsp; from physical and / or digital connectivity of flow meters, pressure, sensors and treatment and purification plants to the deployment of the full potential of data and its analysis .