Murcia University Case Study

Elliot Cities develops a Smart Campus at the University of Murcia (UMU)


The University of Murcia is at the top of the list in terms of digital technology and is valued as one of the most sustainable universities

The University of Murcia, founded in the 13th century, has more than a hundred years of experience and more than 34,000 students. The university is recognised nationally and internationally and is part of the "Campus of International Excellence" programme.

It is rated by the GreenMetric ranking as one of the two hundred most sustainable universities in the world. It is ranked 60th in terms of waste management and 67th in terms of efficient water use. All these actions are coordinated by the Technical Unit of the University of Murcia with the aim of achieving a better use of resources.


the challenge

Achieving the sustainability of the site through the process improvement and optimisation related to facilities, services and infrastructure


Design and develop a Smart Campus platform combining 5G, IoT and NFV technologies that, amalgamated with AI techniques, provides collective intelligence to the University.
The aim is to achieve the sustainability of the site through the implementation of sensors in the infrastructures to collect information on aspects such as:
  • Energy consumption (Smart Energy).
  • Energy production.
  • Laboratory control and monitoring.
  • Number plate control in car parks.
  • CO2 emissions check.
  • Temperature and humidity of buildings.
  • Waste management.


Campus energy consumption has decreased by 26% and the energy footprint has been reduced by 15% to 17% in terms of CO2 emissions.

This pilot project has been co-financed with funds from the ERDF and the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).

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