Elliot Cities improves the management of public services in the city of Rota


The Rota Town Council is part of the network of local entities for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of Agenda 2030

The Rota Town Council is one of the few municipalities to have a smart city platform which integrates all its infrastructures in different verticals on a single platform.

Rota has a interoperability system with the platform of the Diputación de Valencia, a totally innovative and disruptive project. The Rota and Valencia Provincial Council platforms are currently exchanging data in real time.

the challenge

Maximising the quality of service to the public through the use of real-time data that make the day-to-day management and governance of the city of Rota more dynamic.


SMART Rota: flexible and fully scalable platform integrating all existing infrastructures
A horizontal platform that integrates upstream solutions and allows the number of verticals to be expanded by incorporating data sources from different telecommunication technologies.

Integrated and interconnected verticals:

  • Street lighting.
  • Energy management.
  • Waste management and route optimisation.
  • Intelligent irrigation.
  • Alarm and event management.
  • Installation of intelligent irrigation systems.

Installation of intelligent irrigation systems:

  • Measurement of soil parameters: moisture, temperature and conductivity.
  • Management and optimisation of resources?
  • Intelligence based on environmental conditions from own stations and connections to external weather forecasting systems.
  • Irrigation valve control.
  • Reduced energy and water costs.


After one year of operation, the government team has taken many decisions to develop a more effective and efficient management thanks to Smart Rota.

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