Logroño optimises irrigation and street lighting management with Elliot Cities


The Logroño City Council is one of the most important top-rated public institutions in the fulfilment of the Sustainable Development Goals

Logroño City Council is a pioneer in the implementation of intelligent solutions and systems aimed at achieving energy efficiency, energy savings and energy savings. water resources development and the reduction of the carbon footprint within a framework of actions to making Logroño a sustainable city and committed to the environment.

According to the Spanish Sustainable Development Network, the city of Logroño is one of the Spanish cities that best complies with the Sustainable Development Goals, being the fourth with the highest score in the world. best rating out of a total of 103 Spanish cities.

the challenge

Promote the automatic and efficient management of urban infrastructures and services, the reduction of public expenditure and the improvement of the quality of services


Development, implementation and maintenance of the smart management vertical of Logroño City Council's public lighting system
A system that enables native integration with the Smart City platform and generates open data for consumption by the population:
  • Inventory
  • Audit.
  • SAT.
  • APP.
  • Technical-Administrative.
  • Remote management.
  • Gmao.?
  • GIS?
  • Alarm and event management?
  • Users.

Installation of intelligent irrigation systems:

  • Measurement of soil parameters: moisture, temperature and conductivity.
  • Management and optimisation of resources?
  • Intelligence based on environmental conditions from own stations and connections to external weather forecasting systems.
  • Irrigation valve control.
  • Reduced energy and water costs.


Through the development and implementation of both solutions, the efficient use, maintenance and saving of a city's water and electricity resources is enhanced.

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