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SmartCity is a combination of state-of-the-art hardware, software and services focused on maximizing infrastructure efficiency and cities sustainability, improving the quality of the services they provide.


Elliot Smart City can customize solutions to suit the specific needs of each city. Based on an integrated and collaborative model, it is positioned as the lever of change needed by cities to meet the challenges they face in the areas of infrastructure, mobility, governance, tourism and smart government.


It is not all about extracting data from sensors and devices in a Smart City. Elliot provides the necessary tools for gathering that data from the physical world without depending on the hardware and communication protocol. An important part of a Smart City success is the security, governance and exploitation of the data available in the different city departments and government bodies. Elliot Smart City´s has the required software components and services to use all this data in order to improve services to citizens in a more efficient way

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Elliot Smart City is an Open Source IoT operating system built as a robust, secure and scalable solution for Smart Cities. It provides connectivity of the different sensors, physical devices and digital systems of the city government, which gets all the potential that its data provides


Elliot Smart City is a proposal that combines physical and digital worlds and includes:

smart grid


Helps cities to manage the growing demand for electricity and integrate renewable energy sources, while improving customer service through an improved network and reducing energy consumption and emissions.

smart mobility


Every year, millions of liters of fuel are lost in traffic jams in cities around the world. Smart Mobility optimizes urban mobility through information delivery and improved interoperability, as well as through electric vehicle integration. It reduces traffic congestion, increases the use of public transport and reduces emissions, as a result of a simpler view of transport use, available to users.

smart water


Up to 35% of water is lost due to the inefficiency of some distribution networks and, even today, more than 1 billion people suffer from water cuts. Our Smart Water solutions provide tools to help cities manage water networks more efficiently and be more resilient to leakage risks. Water losses and interruptions are reduced, providing a higher quality customer service.

Smart Public Services


Public safety, lighting, sanitation and government administration are some of the most demanded basic services in cities. Elliot Smart City helps cities around the world manage these and other public services more effectively. We improve and optimize the exchange of information between different local authorities.

Smart Buildings & homes


Energy and environmental visualization and control solutions help to optimize energy consumption in buildings, data centers, factories, hospitals, universities and homes in cities. Emissions and energy consumption are reduced, and the commitment of residents in the area is strengthened. Our solutions connect buildings with the electrical networks in a bidirectional way, creating a smart grid.

Smart city platform can serve as a key element for the effective implementation of the actions needed to achieve the objectives.
The digital transformation must be supported by an incremental deployment in the different city verticals, and is a key element to achieve the goals proposed by the Urban Agendas 2030, being an ecosystem of solutions and standards that support and substantiate any Strategic Plan developed around the ODS. Elliot Smart city, as middleware for smart city is aligned from its initial implementation with the 17 objectives of sustainable development contained in the Agenda 2030.


Elliot Smart City has the capacity to implement this model on the different service verticals across the city, optimizing decision making thanks to the exploitation of the collected and analyzed data by using state-of-the-art solutions: Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Bigdata and Social Bigdata, BI, ML, etc.


ELLIOT Smart City Middleware IoT Open Source with high scalability and very fast integration has the capacity to connect with any sensor, device or existing data source for the extraction of its data. It allows managing data in real time with high variability in time and advanced analytics through technologies such as Big Data and AI


ELLIOT Smart City is aligned with the conceptual model of smart city platform which allows for the organization of the activity of the city around seven strategic pillars:

elliot smart city modelo conceptual

Having an Intelligent City platform with the capacity to implement this model, generating information and knowledge about the different service verticals across the city, not only provides a qualitative leap compared to other cities that do not have this environment, but also allows the support and development of different Agendas, Strategic Plans or Action Plans from this technological environment. All this, thanks to optimizing decision making through the collection and analysis of data using cutting -edge solutions: Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, Big data and Big social data, BI, ML, etc.


Elliot Smart City can act in various fields of application such as:


icono características  Urban planning
icono características  Green infrastructure
icono características  Digital City and Citizen Participation
icono características  Social Services and Associations
icono características  Public Safety, Health and Education
icono características  Traffic and Environmental Management
icono características  Waste collection
icono características  Maintenance and management of public buildings and urban equipment
icono características  Efficiency in water and energy management

Smart cities are built on data collection and analysis. This data is required to plan changes in the city from a public action perspective.
Widely distributed sensors in infrastructures and public spaces allow measuring the state of the city. Communication protocols carry out the data transmission in real time using different existing technologies.
Due to its high connectivity and scalability, Elliot Smart City allows the intake of all this data from the different sensors regardless of the transmission protocol used. But what is important, is the analytical layer that can be applied to obtain value from all these data.
Elliot can perform advanced analysis of the collected data to design appropriate responses that can be translated into information for citizens. But these analyses, queries and reports also need data from other digital systems implemented in the cities and not only from the sensor`s data.
Elliot Smart City has data from various sources both physical and digital and thus provides an effective analysis, applying emerging technologies such as Big Data, business intelligence and artificial intelligence.
Both the software connectors and the IoT agents that Elliot incorporates, perform a data treatment and adaptation so that, the information flows bi-directionally and local communities can import and export data (open data) that allow both the different local entities and citizens have the necessary information


"Elliot Smart City platform grants the capacity to implement this model, generating information and knowledge about the different service verticals across the city"

“Elliot Smart City can customize solutions to suit the specific needs of each city”

Success stories



Join the digital world IT and the physical world OT, improving traditional SCADA systems.

Digitalize and control traditional water distribuition system, transforming them into intelligent system with GIS systems, hydraulic models and asset management.

Monitoring, control and management of the different photovoltaic solar plants with different components.

Improve the traditional BMS system, management and control the buildings, improving the efficiency and maintenance of the facilities.

Vertical in application and transversal to the city, based on CT178 and in accordance with ODS 2030.

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HEADQUARTER: Viveros Innovación CEIN. Oficina D3.

Pol. Mocholi, Plaza CEIN, 5. NOÁIN 31110, NAVARRA






HEADQUARTER: Viveros Innovación CEIN. Oficina D3.

Pol. Mocholi, Plaza CEIN, 5. NOÁIN 31110, NAVARRA


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Company with a great background specialized in IoT and advanced analytics, in which we combine disruptive technologies, which are key to becoming for effective digital transformation and the achievement of specific and exclusive objectives for your company.


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