Logo elliot partnersElliot Water is the operating system of IoT built as a secure and tailored industrial solution. It covers from the physical and / or digital connectivity of flow meters, pressure, sensors, and treatment and purification plants to the deployment of all the data potential and its analysis.

Elliot Water has the following main features:

icono características MONITORING. in real time of the water network components (meters, pressure sensors, etc…)
icono características GLOBALITY. Entirely Network and treatment plants monitored and controlled through the same software.
icono características EVENT AND DATA LOGGING. Customizable chronological record of all events and alarms set.
icono características ALARMS AND EVENTS. Events and alarms management. Business rules creation and customization of the sending of alarms and/or notifications.
icono características DATA ANALYSIS. Customized creation of dashboards for data graphics visualization. Advanced data analysis through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.
icono características REMOTE CONTROL.Execution of control orders.
icono características TRANSPARENCY. Open software that gives total transparency in data transmission and analysis.
icono características LEAKAGE PREDICTION. Using Status Estimation Techniques and having accurate data collection, an algorithm is generated to predict the network leaks.
icono características TREATMENT AND PURIFICATION PLANTS. We provide the evolution of the current Scada without losing the investment made. Collection, interpretation, normalization and delivery of data from any server or SCADA controller, allowing the expansion of new devices. All the plants and water networks are integrated into a single software for monitoring, control and analysis.
icono características INTEGRATION AND INTERACTION with SCADA,Geographic Information System (GIS), hydraulic modeling system and asset control system


Our functional architecture allows very fast deployments at low cost and with a great capacity of scalability.


Thanks to the in-house development of the required software connectors, Elliot Water can integrate most meters on the market.
We use the most appropriate data transmission technology at each location. Elliot Water does not have a proprietary protocol.

Elliot Water offers the possibility of interconnection and iteration between all systems:
SCADA SYSTEM. Allows monitoring and controlling with the connection options to existing measurement and communication devices. Also allows adding new measurement elements and remote-control valves. SCADA oriented to the water supply network management or water treatment plants.
To this purpose, Elliot Water provides three tools, linked to the SCADA system:



Geographic Information System is a database based on geolocation (geo-database) that allows having networks and assets accurately defined and geo-localized. This data is crucial to detect patterns, discover connections and show trends. Its visualization on the map makes the network control simple and convenient.




Fully integrated with the GIS system and the SCADA system, allows simulations of the hydraulic behavior and the water quality evolution in pressurized supply networks. Provides a network model to be optimize, displaying where to place a limited number of sensors in order to get the maximum amount of information; operate pressures to reduce the level of leakage and the associated production and treatment cost; expand or modify an existing network with an optimal cost and efficiency balance, etc




Description of technical assets such as equipment and components with locations, all integrated into the GIS system. It allows for the performance of preventive maintenance plans, automatic and manual creation of maintenance orders; repair history and/or actions on the assets as well as event and alarm management associated with maintenance.
The integration with SCADA systems allows receiving and visualizing the information of measuring information and order management solution.

Elliot water

The purpose is to give sense of the data in real time.
Elliot Water allows better analysis, planning and decision making for more efficient water management. It helps to discover significant patterns in the data, analyze the infrastructure, understand the customers, discover trends and patterns and make predictions. This analysis helps to optimize decisions.
Elliot Water provides the set of tools required to expose patterns, relationships, anomalies and incidents in large amounts of data regardless of format and source. It applies out-of-the-box analysis tools, automatic learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence techniques.
Taking data from sensors and digital systems already in place, it analyses the data in real time as it is transmitted and triggers alerts when conditions require it.
Our advanced analytics using disruptive technologies go beyond simple map visualizations by integrating device and location data. Elliot Water answers questions using the most comprehensive set of analytical methods and algorithms available. It can make predictions and quantify how patterns change over the time.
Create sophisticated statistical and self-learning models that unlock the data full potential.
Elliot Water helps utilities to reduce their water loss and uses smart metering on their distribution network as a constant source of information which is used as a tool for a much more efficient system management and which helps to reduce losses, benefiting the environment and consumers.

elliot low code



icono características  Integral data acquisition from measuring devices or counters,pressure sensors, etc. automatically and without human intervention.

icono características  Remote device control such as shut-off valves.

icono características  Integration and interaction with SCADAs,Geographic Information System (GIS), Hydraulic modeling system and Asset control system.

icono características  Scalable and Suitable: Easy to add more components or monitor more items. Accepts most devices and works with nearly all software platforms.

icono características  Minimal installation cost thanks to the communications range by supporting various protocols.

icono características  Integral solution:In a single software monitors and controls all the measuring devices and the different plants. Collects data from all parts or elements involved in the water cycle.

icono características  Reading quality: Avoids errors in the manual meters reading due to dirt or confusion. In addition, obtains a high reading-resolution.

icono características  Predictive maintenance: Thanks to real-time monitoring, failure detection is proactive and service interruptions and emergency maintenance costs are avoided.

icono características  Fraud and leak detection: Detect fraud and leaks quickly and accurately.

icono características  Satisfied customers: The customer has access to information and consumption control easily.

icono características  Ease and speed: Operators do not need to access to private properties.

"Elliot Water is a robust and powerful tool for the management, control and monitoring of your water supply and purification networks, turning your traditional hydraulic network into an intelligent hydraulic network"

"Elliot Water offers the possibility of interconnection and iteration between all systems_"

“Elliot Water proposes a technological solution based on IoT systems, converting traditional water supply networks into Intelligent networks.”

Success stories



Join the digital world IT and the physical world OT, improving traditional SCADA systems.

Digitalize and control traditional water distribuition system, transforming them into intelligent system with GIS systems, hydraulic models and asset management.

Monitoring, control and management of the different photovoltaic solar plants with different components.

Improve the traditional BMS system, management and control the buildings, improving the efficiency and maintenance of the facilities.

Vertical in application and transversal to the city, based on CT178 and in accordance with ODS 2030.

Plataforma online que integra todas las variables que afectan en los consumos energéticos de cualquier organización (electricidad, gas, agua, gasóleo, etc)

Improve the traditional BMS system, management and control the buildings, improving the efficiency and maintenance of the facilities.

Sistema integral abierto para medir, reducir y compensar las emisiones de carbono de cualquier industria u organización. Por un futuro neutro en carbono.

Logo elliot partners






HEADQUARTER: Viveros Innovación CEIN. Oficina D3.

Pol. Mocholi, Plaza CEIN, 5. NOÁIN 31110, NAVARRA






HEADQUARTER: Viveros Innovación CEIN. Oficina D3.

Pol. Mocholi, Plaza CEIN, 5. NOÁIN 31110, NAVARRA


+34 941 123 251


Company with a great background specialized in IoT and advanced analytics, in which we combine disruptive technologies, which are key to becoming for effective digital transformation and the achievement of specific and exclusive objectives for your company.


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