Logo elliot partnersElliot Industry is an IoT’s operating system built as a safe industrial solution and can be tailored from the design process to production and operation phases. It covers product connectivity, plants, systems and machines all the way to the full potential deployment of their data.
With Elliot Industry your operating systems would no longer be controlled by an expensive SCADA based on OT Systems but would be integrated in IT System. Your business would have a global solution that connects both systems in a fast and economical way.
Your business would not lose the investment made in its expensive implemented SCADA version because Elliot Industry connects to your SCADA system and acquires data from it.
Your company gets all the benefits of an Industrial IOT (IIOT) without a proprietary software that forces the use of a specific technology, and without losing the investment made previously in hardware and software at both the operational and digital level.
In addition, new device investments can be done quickly, without any new additional software licenses.

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How is Elliot Industry different from a SCADA?

Everywhere you look, almost everywhere, there is a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system on which all industrial work depends. SCADA is an automation control system that provides Supervisors with information about plant conditions.
However, Elliot Industry brings evolution with an improved technology compared to traditional SCADA and PLCs. Its intelligent capabilities are highly adaptable to current modern industries and allow a complete connected ecosystem to be processed with the rest of the business. Elliot Industry emerged as a technology that is implemented on the SCADA. The data generated from SCADA systems continues working as a data source for Elliot Industry, this allows data analysis from machines, sensors and other systems in order to improve productivity, while SCADA focuses on monitoring and control of production.



Elliot Industry solves questions that a SCADA system cannot, such as:

What is the operational effectiveness in machines, assembly lines and plants? , What can be done to improve it?, What/Where are the bottlenecks?, How can be eliminated?, Which process changes can be made in order to improve the performance? , How can be made a planned vs. real Comparison?,
Can machine failure be predicted?, How can it be shifted from a preventive to predictive maintenance?

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Transforming data obtained through devices into relevant information for companies is not a process that runs the same way in all environments. With open protocols and robust connectors, Elliot Industry allows data to be exchanged between the physical and digital world. It is a way to connect multiple data systems, including historical databases, ERP systems, MES systems, and supervisory and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

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By connecting, collecting and analysing both current and past data, it is easier for operations, business analysis and data science teams to discover valuable and useful insights that truly transform their businesses. For the first time, companies have unprecedented transparency throughout their operations that will not only improve their processes, but also develop new business models that will increase profits.

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In the context of Industrial IOT (IIoT), systems such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) always work closely with physical data sources such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) and sensors.
The data collected, SCADA can be an important data source for Elliot Industry that also has connection to other business systems such as Historical, ERP and MES systems or cloud business intelligence applications.
Industrial processes require low latency and extremely high availability, therefore in many cases computing from IT world does not solve these requirements with the necessary speed. Edge Computing or computing close to the devices is the right solution for the issue. Elliot Industry is based on this solution to perform the computing task and the data transformation in the physical devices themselves, releasing the advanced computing from these tasks. Therefore, the resources of both physical (OT) and digital (IT) worlds can be optimized. Elliot Industry allows the applications and solutions implementation, improving the traditional SCADA functions and providing solutions from the IT world in the OT world.

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Elliot Industry is an easily scalable and adaptable solution.
It is a software which extracts the data from both the physical (OT) and digital (IT) world and provides effective data analysis for your business.


It has specific algorithms to provide solutions to specific needs, such as:


icono características OEE Calculation Algorithms (Overall effectiveness of equipment, machines and production lines)


icono características Predictive Maintenance Predictive Maintenance based on predictive analytic algorithms.
Consumption patterns for the elaboration of improvements and cost reductions and machine learning.


icono características Creation of Business Rules combined between the multiple data acquired


icono características Task Planner fed by real data from production lines.

"Elliot Industry, leverages the power of edge computing to optimize computing in the physical world (OT) and the digital world (IT)"

"Elliot Industry connects multiple data systems including those from you SCADA_"

"Increase the capacity of your implemented SCADA system without wasting or losing the expensive investment previously made_"

“Elliot Industry allows to transform the data in productive results for your business”.

Success stories



Join the digital world IT and the physical world OT, improving traditional SCADA systems.

Digitalize and control traditional water distribuition system, transforming them into intelligent system with GIS systems, hydraulic models and asset management.

Monitoring, control and management of the different photovoltaic solar plants with different components.

Improve the traditional BMS system, management and control the buildings, improving the efficiency and maintenance of the facilities.

Vertical in application and transversal to the city, based on CT178 and in accordance with ODS 2030.

Plataforma online que integra todas las variables que afectan en los consumos energéticos de cualquier organización (electricidad, gas, agua, gasóleo, etc)

Improve the traditional BMS system, management and control the buildings, improving the efficiency and maintenance of the facilities.

Sistema integral abierto para medir, reducir y compensar las emisiones de carbono de cualquier industria u organización. Por un futuro neutro en carbono.

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HEADQUARTER: Viveros Innovación CEIN. Oficina D3.

Pol. Mocholi, Plaza CEIN, 5. NOÁIN 31110, NAVARRA






HEADQUARTER: Viveros Innovación CEIN. Oficina D3.

Pol. Mocholi, Plaza CEIN, 5. NOÁIN 31110, NAVARRA


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Company with a great background specialized in IoT and advanced analytics, in which we combine disruptive technologies, which are key to becoming for effective digital transformation and the achievement of specific and exclusive objectives for your company.


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