Elliot Cloud Monographs

From Elliot Cloud we want to bring our experience in digital transformation to sectors such as water, energy, industry and cities and we do it through a series of monographs in which we will analyse challenges, knowledge, trends and experiences from the hand of its protagonists.

In these publications we will present new technologies that help to digitalise infrastructures, to optimise their different processes, to dynamise the business fabric and to improve the service to citizens.

Who are they aimed at?

These monographs are aimed at anyone interested in accelerating the digital transformation of the integral water cycle to achieve a more efficient management of this resource, as well as at agents involved in the water sector and representatives and technicians from public administrations.


Water Monographs

1. Technology for the management of the integral water cycle

We take a closer look at the current situation of the water sector, the challenges facing the management of the full water cycle and the role played by the digitisation of the water network in all of this, with expert voices contributing their vision and experience.


We will see how strategic and responsible investment in technology enables more efficient management and more informed decision-making at all levels of the water cycle, as well as by actors along the chain, from the individual user to the water supply manager.

3º. Modernisation and digitalisation of irrigation through technology.

In this monograph we want to raise awareness of the importance of this precious resource and its use in our country, and to highlight the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) for the Digitalisation of the Water Cycle, promoted by the Spanish Government, as a measure to improve its management.

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