Smart tourism, a journey towards modernisation

Óscar Ruiz Chicote, CEO of Elliot Cloud

tourism sector
Elliot Cloud presents the tourism sector with a tool with which to develop tool with which to develop solutions for tourist destinations'.

The tourism sector is immersed in a technology-driven transformation to connect the tourist with the local administration (destination) and the tourism company, providing each of these three actors with tools that allow a much more complete management and experience.

This process of evolution has not only redefined the tourist experienceIt has not only allowed for a more exclusive offer from tourism companies, but has also shaped the management of tourism destinations worldwide.

The modernisation and application of intelligence systems through massive data acquisition, including the digital tourist and the digitisation of tourism destinations and companies, has become a fundamental pillar in the development of the tourism sector. improving the management of tourist destinations.

These tools not only optimise the visitor experience, but also contribute to the alignment of strategies in the various tourism areas for both administrations and companies.

Elliot Cloud is committed to the digitisation of this economic sector, providing our solutions and technological capabilities for the collection, exchange and interoperability of data from objects, systems, actors and destinations and generating our own destination tools using low-code technology for the exploitation of this data.

After a long time analysing the sector and its solutions, and with a significant investment made, Elliot Cloud presents the tourism sector with a tool with which it can develop a new solution for the tourism sector. solutions for tourist destinationsThe new system is a good example for the administration, for the company and for the tourist.

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