"The time for digitisation of irrigation is now".

Óscar RuizElliot Cloud CEO

digitisation of irrigation
digitisation of irrigation

Water is one of the basic and essential resources for life, as well as for the maintenance of the planet's ecosystems, and it is also a strategic component of our economy.

According to the data managed by the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic ChallengeThe estimated water demand in Spain for the year 2021 was in the order of 32,000 hm3/year. The main use of water is on irrigation and agricultural uses, which means approximately 80.5% of this demand, followed by urban supply, which accounts for 15.5%. This is followed by, would be industrial use.  

In the midst of a knowledge-based society, there is a lack of comprehensive information on water use, as well as a lack of from losses occurring in distribution networks due to leaks, breaks or seepage.  

In this context, aware of the strategic importance of water and the need to reinforce the response to the adverse effects of climate change, the Spanish Government presents the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTE) Digitalisation of Irrigation. which addresses the need to undertake a complete modernisation of the water cycle in the country in order to move towards more efficient and sustainable management. of the same. To this end, this PERTE includes a set of transformative and facilitating measures that optimise the economic potential of the sector and put an end to the inefficiencies identified in the system. Many of these inefficiencies will be eliminated through the digitisation of irrigation. 

The agricultural sector is at risk due to the drought situation that we are experiencing after a half of 2023 in the that rainfall levels have been 75% lower than the average of the last ten years at this very period of time. The consequences of this water crisis for the agricultural sector affect us all directly and indirectly. We must act.  

We cannot control whenanBut we can take a step forward to improve the efficiency and management of the water resources that the sector needs through the digitalisation of irrigation. Because the availability of food for the population will depend on it. This is a challenge that we must face, and we have an exceptional opportunity to meet it with the call for PERTE aid of Digitisation of the Water Cycle for irrigation.  

Achieving digitisation of irrigation is essential. From Elliot Cloud we are committed to contributing to the current fight against drought and climate change by proposing technological solutions that help the agricultural sector to meet present and future challenges in the efficient management of water resources. Technology is a powerful tool at our disposal that we must use to make water use more efficient.  

With Elliot Water we not only cover the seven eligible digital solutions if not that we bring the added value of data processing through advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to build robust, scalable and secure solutions without losing the focus of a Digitisation with Meaning. 

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