The digitisation of water management is now a reality and has its raison d'être in the possibilities it offers in the face of the challenges facing the sector".

Óscar RuizElliot Cloud CEO

oscar agua

New projects are exciting. And this one is. We have entered 2023 with a new initiative. We are launching the first issue of a series of monographs in which we aim to analyse challenges, knowledge, trends and experiences, through professionals and experts, linked to the application of technology in the management of infrastructures linked to sectors such as water, energy, industry and cities.

The water is the central theme of this first publication. It is an indisputable fact that climate change is no longer silent and technology is helping to design and build a more environmentally, economically and socially sustainable world. On this path, moving towards digital transformation means improving water and wastewater services, and making the right use of the value of data is the key to developing more efficient water resource management and better decision making.

In this sense, we understand that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be achieved with joint solutions that contribute to changing the current paradigm. Assimilating that there must be collaboration between private companies and public administrations involved in the management of the entire water life cycle becomes essential in the whole process. A process in which technology becomes an indispensable tool.
This project motivates us, because it is an opportunity to talk about digital transformation and because, like everything else in life, it means moving forward.

It implies taking a step forward. From Elliot Cloud we will continue to analyse the current situation of the different sectors through their protagonists and we will make known new technologies that help to digitise infrastructures, to optimise their different processes, to dynamise the business fabric and to improve the service to citizens. To all the people who have participated in this publication, to those who will collaborate, to those who read us, to those who trust us, and to those who believe and believe in the project, thank you for accompanying us on this journey.

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