Elliot Water, technology for more efficient and sustainable water management

José Díaz de GreñuElliot Cloud Technical Director

Elliot Water
In a context of climate change, water scarcity and concern for sustainability, technology and innovation become essential tools to solve the challenges faced by organisations.

Water is not an infinite resource and the efficient, rational and sustainable use of water resources is necessary to provide health, quality of life and economic and social development to the citizens of any country. Technological development and increased knowledge about the management of the distribution network have opened up a new paradigm.

In this new scenario, the traditional water supply network, thanks to solutions such as Elliot Water based on IoT, has been transformed into a smart grid that provides a holistic view of operations and enables more automated and efficient management of water cycle infrastructures and processes.

The digitalisation of water management is already a reality and has its raison d'être in the possibilities it offers in the face of climate change, pollution and the continuous increase in population, which threaten both the quantity of water available and its quality, forcing water distribution companies to adapt to a complex environment.

In a context such as the current one, it is necessary to have technological solutions such as Elliot Water prepared to offer a global vision and coverage of the integral water cycle in distribution networks, optimising processes and efficiency thanks to its software. This solution focused on the water sector makes it possible to cover the end-to-end needs of the process, understanding the particularity of each of the aspects of the problem and proposing solutions that are integrated into the ecosystem of a company or administration.

There is no turning back from the digital transformation of the water sector. The use of new technologies increases efficiency in the management of water infrastructures, reduces costs and increases environmental sustainability?

Technology and innovation in the service of water

Elliot Water integrates into a single solution the different infrastructures, assets and systems that make up the operation of the complete water cycle, to cover all the processes involved in the water network: water collection, treatment, distribution, consumption, reservoirs and regeneration. In this way, this platform contributes to minimising the high volume of physical assets and infrastructures that make up the process, which translates into savings in operating costs and in the control of processes to guarantee an efficient and quality service.

For this purpose, a robust and flexible technical architecture based on Open Source, open and transparent tools is available, and a functional architecture as a base in which specific modules are integrated to respond to the problems and needs of water cycle management, relating and orchestrating the management and operations of water distribution companies in a robust and powerful way.

Elliot Water contributes to solving the problems arising from the lack of knowledge of consumption and the state of the supply networks, which helps to solve the economic impact of a negative water balance, high energy and maintenance costs, while at the same time resulting in fewer incidents and water quality control costs.

Integrated water cycle


Technical architecture

Functional architecture


Smart use of data transforms the water cycle

To achieve this, the core of the solution is a data analytics component based on four pillars: the development of an advanced analytical intelligence model that enables the generation of predictive models to anticipate problems and solutions thanks to demand predictions, the development of hydraulic and efficiency models and predictive maintenance.

In turn, the business rules engines - notification that Elliot Water integrates - allow the identification of the incidence in real time and the modularisation by user typology using a low code component for the generation of KPIs, rules and alerts.

Thanks to the complete monitoring of the integral water cycle, it is possible to access a global database of information, both historical and in time, which has been processed and enriched on assets, consumption, forecasts, geolocation and external information. A solution that allows users to integrate all those involved in the process, from the management and control function to the operation function, always oriented towards the needs of each stakeholder.

  • Process optimisation and efficiency
    The solution is supported by software to meet the customer's end-to-end needs.
  • Elliot Water knows the issues and the context in detail
    Thanks to his experience in large international water management companies.
  • Comprehensive solution with a global vision
    Going beyond a particular software or solution.
  • Platform adapted to the needs of each process
    With a focus on the analytical component and efficient operating model.

This is a comprehensive data management platform that allows water managers to digitise their systems to achieve their specific objectives, optimising their operating costs, the management of active energy consumption, the control of fraud, leaks and meter tampering, achieving the compliance with the principles of sustainability and water quality.

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