Lean Manufacturing & IOT

Lean manufacturing aims for truly efficient manufacturing.
With the help of IoT this is achieved by allowing teams and tools to automatically collect data, share it and even interact with information from other data sources, as well as with other processes, opening the doors of the organization to a new way of working.
By accessing and centralising equipment and process data, IoT technology is able to provide manufacturers with

• A new level of visibility.

• Access to real-time performance data.

• Instant knowledge of all global operations

• Possibility of balancing and optimizing the programming on the fly, during the production process, adapting to the variability of the market.

Far from focusing on performance control, quality or equipment failure records, this new approach has the capacity to configure an optimal manufacturing scenario based on current demand. Operations can be successfully completed by introducing changes to production, processes or facilities to ensure the optimal conditions for managing demand at any time.
Pero esto no es todo, las ventajas no acaban aquí ya que, además de los escenarios típicamente productivos, los equipos inteligentes podrán:

• Monitor themselves and improve their own performance, such as energy use, to avoid peak demand charges. Automated preventive maintenance becomes possible as the machine knows and communicates its own status of required corrective actions, keeping it running at optimum productivity.
• Suppliers can better manage the delivery of parts in inventory, which can be automatically replenished based on real-time data.

• Automatically adjust equipment settings to minimize waste

• Rationalise production processes. As more companies incorporate new IoT and analysis capabilities, they succeed in transforming their manufacturing processes. Such as the predictive maintenance allowed by predictive tools and automatic learning, identifying and correcting possible problems before they occur.

• Improve the after-sales service. This is another area where lean manufacturing increases its value thanks to IoT. Support is improved thanks to new levels of product connectivity and the information provided by sensors and devices. Manufacturers can effectively collect customer data in use. And so improve service and support.

The benefits of IoT for lean manufacturing extend far beyond the processes within a single organisation. IoT can help optimize the interaction between manufacturers, suppliers and other business partners, improving the flow of information about materials, demand and product usage. At the same time, the internet of things in lean manufacturing is the beginning of a renewed value proposition that only strengthens the link with the customer and promotes brand loyalty. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

ELLIOT. IOT Open Source middleware with high scalability and very fast integration and with the ability to connect with any sensor, device, machinery or existing data source to extract your data.
It allows managing data in real time with high variability over time and advanced analytics using technologies such as Big Data and AI.

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