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Phase 2. GEDIAV-H20: Development of advanced digital twins and their application using AI for water resources management.

At Elliot Cloud we are committed to collaboration with companies and the research community for the application of new technological solutions that improve the competitiveness of companies. SMES. Coordinated by Smart City Cluster (Innovative Business Association), together with Manteniment Sostenible Integral SL and the collaboration of the University of Seville and the Consorci Besòs Tordera, we are continuing the line of research begun in the phase one from GEDIAV-H20 projectin which a digital twin of a wastewater treatment plant was made for the identification and predictive detection of operating anomalies.

Project data

Call for proposals: Programme of support for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) 2023, of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

  • Duration12 months (May 2023 ? April 2024).
  • Project budget437,025.00 euros.
  • Budget to be implemented by Elliot Cloud169.952,00 euros
  • Grant awarded to Elliot Cloud135,961.00 euros.

Objective of the GEDIAV-H20 Phase 2 project

Al digital twin The aim is to incorporate new sources of data down to the basin level, which will allow for improved Artificial Intelligence applied in the first model to detect possible malfunctions with greater precision and scale. The potential of this new phase of GEDIAV-H20 is to be able to realise predictive assumptions from any type of scenario or management domain: from predicting when equipment could suffer a critical failure to what energy benefit an equipment replacement can bring.

Thanks to the Elliot Cloud's Open Source and interoperable platformThe following can be integrated into a single platform Digital Twin of the individual wastewater treatment plants with their individual control panels and forecasts, as well as other assets such as pumping stations, but also the integration with the GIS system (from where the collector information is available) and other sources of information at the catchment level.

The solution will also have dashboards, graphs and KPi with information at basin level, comparisons between the different WWTPs and more complete predictions, thus allowing for a true intelligent management which translates into a direct improvement in the management, maintenance and decision making of an operator. waste water its management virtually and in real time.

This jointly developed digital twin platform will allow MSI Digital Builders and Elliot Cloud jointly explore new business opportunities in other sectors. Although the development of the collaborative platform The digital twin will have been designed for the waste waterThe scalable design of the system makes it very attractive in other sectors such as building, civil engineering, sports (football stadiums), public works, public transport, and the construction of new buildings. Smart CitiesThe hospital and pharmaceutical sector or sectors of the manufacturing industry, to name but a few where both companies are present.


Call for applications for aid to support Innovative Business Groupings with the aim of improving the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and the call for applications for the year, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

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