Elliot Sarfly presents its new innovative security industry solution at SICUR 2022


Elliot Sarfly is a video streaming and geolocation support for emergency services in critical environments with the ability to customise solutions to suit specific needs.

The role of the security and emergency services is to deal with exceptional situations involving serious risks. Therefore, people working in such services are confronted with events and situations that go beyond the normal experience of human beings in their daily lives.

Elliot Sarfly, using technology as an enabler, ensures that with the help of drones, personal cameras, mobile phones and the core software of the platform, transmit the information in real time streaming (with less than 1 sec. latency) from any platform: laptop, mobile, tablet and from any location.

A combination of hardware, software and real-time services focused on maximising the efficiency of an emergency team command post and improving the quality of public disaster and emergency management services.

Elliot Sarfly is able to customise solutions to adapt to the specific needs of the advanced command post. Based on an integrated model of video streaming and geolocation, it collects information from multiple sources with total adaptation to the structure of the emergency services, with WNS layer management in a few minutes from drone flights, it is positioned as a tool that emergency services need to meet the challenges and mitigate the extreme risk to which they are subjected in the management of disasters and emergencies.

Elliot Sarfly: Advanced solutions for emergency services

Elliot Sarfly is an Open Source platform, interconnected and interoperable with other systems, scalable and protocol-agnostic, with the capacity to connect to any IT system and device: drones, mobiles and cameras, and which allows data to be exchanged between the different sources for analysis and visualisation, as they are all integrated in a single software.

Why Elliot Sarfly? Features


  • Real-time media relay service.
  • Multiple origins: drones, personal cameras and mobiles.
  • Media recording and subsequent viewing.
  • Visible and infrared signal for hot spot location.
  • Multi-platform remote visualisation: control desk, laptop, mobile and tablet.
  • Monitoring of forest fires in early stages to search for perpetrators.


  • Resource access control with multiple authorisation.
  • Granular and very flexible control of groups and permissions.
  • Adaptation to the structure of the emergency services, services, etc..
  • Possibility to control video transmission/broadcasting within a specific window and for a specific IP.
  • Easy grouping of different services around an incident.
  • First level authentication with multiple levels of security.


  • Generation of WMS layers in a few minutes from drone flights.
  • Immediate availability on web maps.
  • Geolocation on a map of all risks and resources present and available at the incident in real time.
  • Generation of layers and graphs of resources and risks on the map.
  • Generation of heatmaps to calculate tracked areas.
  • Customisation of vector maps and subsequent conversion into WMS layers.
  • Calculation of customised routes (for the specific service and vehicle) based on the point maps.


  • Video display with map showing location.
  • Post-processing of video to search for evidence and/or victims.

What is SICUR?

SICUR is the major international benchmark for security in Spain. Every two years, it brings together companies, associations, professionals and users of global security in the public and private sectors in Madrid.

Innovation and technological development are the main protagonists of this professional meeting that addresses comprehensive security from five major areas (security, cybersecurity, fire and emergency safety, occupational safety), with the aim of continuing to promote welfare and social development.


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