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Elliot Energyis the technological tool that optimises energy expenditure by automatically choosing the most profitable option. This tool, unique in the market, is designed for companies with high energy consumption or with many supply points to manage.

What does it consist of?

This software is based on data capture and processing, data analytics and artificial intelligence; or, as the Óscar Ruiz ChicoteElliot Cloud CEO, "We collect data for consumption patterns. Until now we were advising the customer to reduce consumption, reducing cost and being more sustainable. But now, with the tariff change in the energy market, "we saw an opportunity to apply this technology and AI and data analytics to reduce consumption," he says. energy consumption and expenditure. We connect directly to the customer's consumption and current tariffs.

Óscar Ruiz pointed out that "this tool is the perfect ally for any organisation. It offers security and certainty in the face of the large volume of information involved in controlling their energy consumption. With a very competitive cost and scalable to any need, the reduction of energy investment is beneficial from the outset".

He added that "the objective is to get energy costs under control. Nowadays, energy consumption is a key aspect in the financial and environmental planning of any public or private organisation.

In conclusion, this software estimates what you are going to pay and although for a private consumer it may seem unimportant, "for large companies it is very important, some customers have saved between 200,000 and 300,000 euros", says Óscar Ruiz.

Who is using the new software?

Currently, it has several success stories to its name Elliot Energy.  Large consumer entities such as OpdenergyAresol, Metro de Madrid and Zaragoza City Council. In addition, as Jesús María Sahún, commercial manager of Switching Consulting, points out, "it provides instant recommendations to optimise spending by selecting the best tariffs at any given moment. This, applied instantly, allows a significant reduction in the electricity bill".


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