Elliot Cloud for Sabesp in the Action Plan for Energy Saving and Efficiency in Water Supply Systems


In the current context in which we find ourselves, the costs related to electrical energy are constantly increasing, while awareness of conservation, saving and energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important. As a result, our Innovative project for Sabesp has arisen.

The present preoccupation of the sanitationThe main focus of the water supply, which is in charge of drinking water supply, is on the shortage of water resources for the future of the population.

In relation to this, proposals that encourage the improvement and efficiency in the use of electricity become of utmost importance in organisations responsible for basic water treatment, and schemes that employ new ideas and technologies are in line with such proposals.

Energy Efficiency Challenge:

Sabespa basic sanitation company in the state of São Paulo, has been supported by Elliot Cloud since the incorporation of our solution. Elliot Water in 2020.

Its inclusion in the Energy Efficiency Challenge starts one year later, with the help of Paula JunqueiraProject Manager of Sanitation 4.0, y Daniel BocalãoEngineer at Elliot Cloud, who, were recognised with the 'Sabesp Entrepreneur Award' in the Sanitation 4.0 project, ranking first for their work 'Sanitation 4.0'.Energy Efficiency in the Activation of Water Pumps'..

The aim of this project was to come up with a prototype that contemplated all the attributes of innovation, providing quantitative indicators and the certainty of the exponential growth power of the work. This is how the Energy Efficiency Plan for the management of pumping equipment in water supply systems came about.

With the integration of Diego PoloData Manager at Elliot Cloud and his team, we incorporated Artificial Intelligence into the project by means of Reinforced Learning algorithms capable of determining the optimum energy moments for switching on and off the supply pumps to the tanks, all of this through real tests carried out together with Sabesp. Artificial Intelligence algorithms recommend to the operator the most energy efficient action that allows savings in both energy and operating hours. Operators can override the algorithm's recommendations at any time.

Field testing began on 15 August, after approximately two months of development and testing, testing the water operators from the company Sabesp, in charge of activating the pumps that send the water to the tanks through the indications of the Artificial Intelligence implemented in intelligent sensors by Elliot Water.

In order to meet these challenges, Sabesp and Elliot Cloud have been working together to develop innovative concepts using the methodology Design Thinking as the basis of the process.

The purpose of this initiative was to develop a prototype that encompassed all the qualities of innovation, we speak then of the Innovative Project. 

Innovative project for Sabesp:

The "Innovative" project has used the concept of sanitation 4.0 and Elliot Cloud has contributed to achieving the objectives and constant improvement within this initiative.

Algorithm at work

The graph shows:

  • Current inflow from the reservoirThe pumping operation gives a certain flow rate whose behaviour responds to the operator's indications.
  • Expected or suggested inflow: Suggestion of algorithms for pumping operation.
  • Suggested input flow in the next hourProjections of how the pumping should go two hours ahead.

In the upper part of the graph we can observe the actual tank level.

After finalising the demand prediction, with Sabesp's request to include predictive modellingIt is feasible to use the Artificial Intelligence and operational resources available on the Elliot Cloud platform.

All of this information can be managed and analysed by means of the solution called Elliot Water. However, it is relevant to consider that the progression of these initiatives is continuous and progresses in parallel to the improvements implemented in the process of Energy Efficiency.

Results of our Innovative project for Sabesp:

In less than a month, Sabesp has achieved 15% of direct economic savings.

The operation of the pumps is stopped during the peak hours of the day (the times when the operating cost is highest), which not only leads to cost savings, but also to a lengthening of the service life of the pumps because of the reduction of maintenance and work processes.

In view of this, the effort of personnel and machinery decreased by up to 50 hours in that period.

The ultimate goal of Sabesp and the other sanitation companies is to achieve full automation of the operators and the entire pumping management process, allowing for optimisation of energy use in the water supply systemsThis will generate cost savings and thus increase the availability of financial resources for other investments.

All of this is aligned with the project's main objective of achieving energy savings, while contributing to the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) 6 and 7, which aim to "ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all" and "ensure access to affordable, safe, sustainable and modern energy", respectively. 


Through our solution Elliot Water and the functional resources available on our Elliot Cloud platform for water supply systemsis possible to develop the asset managementThe new system allows Sabesp to predict and optimise its operational and maintenance processes, making its water networks more efficient, achieving a reduction in direct costs and offering a more economical service.


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