Elliot Cloud highlights at the 1st Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities the importance of digitising with meaning  

Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities

Elliot Cloud, a company dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the management of infrastructures, has been part of the I Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities 2023. The event, which was sponsored by Elliot Cloud, brought together more than 120 public and private agents involved in the sector to share best practices, trends and challenges for further progress in the development of Smart Cities in Spain. 

The event was attended by the company's CEO, Óscar Ruiz Chicoteas part of the round table discussion "Water management", in which he spoke about the main challenges and opportunities in the digitalisation of the urban water cycle and how technological solutions help to achieve efficient management of infrastructures. ?Taking a holistic view of the water life cycle and applying predictive technology, which helps to improve water management systems, is key to being economically and environmentally sustainable?said Óscar Ruiz Chicote during his speech.  

A table at which our CEO highlighted that ?et is essential to digitise in a meaningful way. We must analyse the situation, know the needs we have and prioritise the objectives we want to achieve in order to apply technology?. 

Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities

Likewise, Elliot Cloud's Director of Administration and Public Services, David Galán Gijón, also took part in the event to share with the attendees the good practice of Elliot Energy as solution for energy and asset management in smart cities within the energy block. Galán defined it as ?a platform that Does it have the capacity to have the information and carry out the analysis of the supply points in aspects such as: consumption, active and reactive ratio, as well as maximum and excess power? 

Elliot Cloud enables the creation of solutions for the operational and transactional control of infrastructures with different technologies in a common and secure data space for data sharing, allowing management in a smarter, more efficient and sustainable way. 

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities has more than 130 member cities with more than 650 technicians, managers and agents from the public and private sectors. The Association aims to promote and collaborate between cities in order to establish a Spanish network of Smart Cities that promote the automatic and efficient management of urban infrastructures and services.  


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