Elliot Cloud highlights at the 1st Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities the importance of digitising with meaning  

Elliot Cloud, a company dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the management of infrastructures, has been part of the I Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities 2023. The event, which was sponsored by Elliot Cloud, brought together more than 120 public and private agents involved in the sector to share best practices, trends and challenges for further progress in the development of Smart Cities in Spain. 

The event was attended by the company's CEO, Óscar Ruiz Chicoteas part of the panel discussion 'Water management' in which he spoke about the main challenges and opportunities in the digitisation of the urban water cycle and how technological solutions help to manage infrastructures efficiently. "Taking a holistic view of the water life cycle and applying predictive technology, which helps improve water management systems, is key to being economically and environmentally sustainable".said Óscar Ruiz Chicote during his speech.  

A table at which our CEO highlighted that "et is essential to digitise in a meaningful way. We must analyse the situation, know the needs we have and prioritise the objectives we want to achieve in order to apply technology".. 

Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities

Likewise, Elliot Cloud's Director of Administration and Public Services, David Galán Gijón, also took part in the conference to share with the attendees the good practice of Elliot Energy as solution for energy and asset management in smart cities within the energy block. Galán defined it as "a platform that has the capacity to have the information and carry out the analysis of the supply points in aspects such as: consumption, the active and reactive ratio, as well as maximum and excess power". 

Elliot Cloud enables the creation of solutions for the operational and transactional control of infrastructures with different technologies in a common and secure data space for data sharing, allowing management in a smarter, more efficient and sustainable way. 

The Spanish Network of Smart Cities has more than 130 member cities with more than 650 technicians, managers and agents from the public and private sectors. The Association aims to promote and collaborate between cities in order to establish a Spanish network of Smart Cities that promote the automatic and efficient management of urban infrastructures and services.  


Elliot Cloud presents at IWA Digital Water Summit its solution to digitise the entire water cycle

Elliot Cloud, dedicated to the technologies applied to infrastructure management, has participated in IWA Digital Water Summit to present their solution Elliot Wateraimed at digitising the complete water cycle. The event was attended by the CEO of the company, Óscar Ruiz Chicoteand the technical director, José Díaz de Greñu.

IWA Digital Water Summitwhich is being held at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao until 2 December, has hosted an exhibitor area where Elliot Cloud has had a stand where it has had the opportunity to explain how the company develops solutions for the management of infrastructures linked to the water, energy, industry, buildings and cities sectors. Elliot Cloud enables the creation of solutions for the operational and transactional control of infrastructures with different technologies in a common and secure data space for data sharing, allowing management in a more intelligent, efficient and sustainable way.

IWA Digital Water Summit

The first edition of this fair welcomed technology providers and companies involved in the digitisation of the global water sector. The IWA Digital Water Summit focused on addressing the importance of applying digital technology to the water sector and conveying the importance of using data to improve its services and operations.

Elliot Water, a solution for optimising water use

As part of the programme's activities, the technical director of Elliot Cloud, José Díaz de Greñu, gave a talk on 'Improving the processes of water companies. Energy efficiency, non-revenue water and leaks' in which he explained Elliot Water and how this open source tool helps companies and administrations to digitise the entire water cycle, optimising costs, reducing leaks, managing the assets of organisations and increasing energy efficiency after applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to the data captured.

IWA Digital Water Summit

During his presentation, Díaz de Greñu shared two specific use cases in which Elliot Water is currently being applied and how its use contributes to saving energy costs, detecting leaks and reducing unaccounted-for water.


Elliot Cloud buys Entorno de Medición Inteligente company

Elliot Cloud, with the purchase and integration of Entorno de Medición Inteligente, reinforces its capacity to apply technology to the management of infrastructures linked to the energy sector, water resources, industry and smart cities.

Elliot Cloud continues its commitment to become a benchmark in the application of technology for the intelligent management of infrastructures, with the purchase and integration of Entorno de Medición Inteligente (EMI), a company that offers technological solutions and services for the measurement and remote reading of devices.

With this operation, Elliot Cloud strengthens its capacity to apply technology to infrastructure management, as EMI's activity contributes to covering the digitalisation needs of strategic sectors such as water and energy; through remote reading systems in primary energy meters, secondary energy (heat or DHW), drinking water, providing solutions in the following areas: water and energy, water supply and energy management. remote control of irrigation infrastructuresThe company is also developing other solutions for smart cities and Industry 4.0.

This acquisition is in line with Elliot Cloud's commitment to the IoT market by constantly incorporating talent since its founding in 2019. The purchase involves the integration of EMI in Elliot Cloud and, therefore, the firm maintains its current structure and incorporates six employees to the Elliot team.

Following this operation, Elliot Cloud is able to deploy, with its own teams, Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) solutions complementing its widely implemented cloud platform for data acquisition and data processing through algorithms based on artificial intelligence, providing a service end-to-end by bringing the physical and digital worlds together in a native way.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of water meters, communication networks and data management systems that enables two-way communication between meter and utility endpoints. Unlike Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), AMI does not require utility or external personnel to collect data. The system automatically transmits the data directly to the cloud platform where, in addition to displaying data, sending alerts, billing consumption, it can detect leaks and water losses after applying the appropriate algorithm.

Technological innovation is thus positioned as a differential factor in this acquisition, so that Elliot Cloud will be able to design and manufacture the necessary equipment to carry out the communication process, simplifying and automating administrative aspects related to the management of data after its reception.

Energy efficiency and optimisation of water use

Environmental awareness and the promotion of energy efficiency driven by public institutions, as well as the regulations of different bodies, both national and community, are creating a favourable scenario for society and companies to actively participate in the changes that are necessary to achieve savings in water and energy management. In this respect, the purchase of the Smart Metering Environment promotes the development of several solutions:

  • Tele-reading system for drinking water meters for municipalities and local authorities: through the supply and installation of water meters, remote control of the status of stored water, water intake and consumption in the tank, available volume, detection of leaks and non-revenue water, sectorisation, water quality, chlorine levels, turbidity, etc. is favoured.
  • Management of energy consumption in buildings, through the installation of energy meters, cost allocators, domestic hot water and cold water, as well as the management of electricity consumption.
  • Intelligent irrigation control systemThis proprietary development, based on a low-latency, highly robust, meshed communications network, allows the control of an irrigation installation for cities or irrigation communities from any location, 24 hours a day, with the web application from a computer, tablet or mobile phone, where an irrigation operation can be started, terminated or programmed.

Elliot Cloud, technology applied to infrastructure management

Elliot Cloud is a native solution for infrastructure management. It is the only one that integrates different technologies and links them together. It enables the management, control and optimisation of infrastructure processes in a single, data-driven software that has made the platform the most cost-effective, robust and comprehensive solution on the market.

Elliot Cloud is being used by infrastructures, not just regionally, but globally. The platform currently monitors more than 1 billion pieces of data a day in the industrial world, manages the Sao Paulo's drinking water networkIt manages more than 30 million utility data that improve people's quality of life, and monitors and analyses more than 25 GWP of renewable energy generation and 6 gigawatts of electricity consumption in a more sustainable way.

The company generates all this with technology made in La Rioja by Riojan talent, and with the conviction that a more efficient and sustainable management of infrastructures adds value to all processes, reducing their complexity and increasing their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

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Elliot Cloud recognised as the best 'Junior Company 2022' by the La Rioja Association of Telecommunications Engineers 

Ehis award as Junior Enterprise 2022 distinguishes the compañía newly created for its activity focused on technologies applied to infra managementstructures  

Elliot Cloud has received the 'Empresa Junior 2022' award granted by the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of La Rioja (AITER) in collaboration with the regional government. This distinction recognises Elliot Cloud as a recently created company from La Rioja whose activity is focused on the ICT sector, applying technologies to the management of infrastructures linked to the . of water, energy, energy cities and industries. 

The company's CEO, Óscar Ruiz Chicote, collected the Junior Company 2022 award during the celebration of the 15th edition of the Telecommunications Night and expressed how excited the whole team was to receive this award. "We are very proud because it is a recognition of the work we have been developing for almost three years, since we were born in 2019. Therefore, I would like to thank AITER from the bottom of my heart for this distinction and the entire Elliot Cloud team for making it possible through their effort, dedication, honesty and loyalty over the years".he pointed out.  

During his speech, Ruiz Chicote defined Elliot Cloud as "a company with a product in which different technologies are integrated in the management of its products.óThe main infrastructures to be managed are in the industrial sector, smart cities and buildings, energy and water. These are all important infrastructures that can be managed in an intelligent, efficient and sustainable way through a single cloud tool".. 

Regarding its evolution, the company's CEO explained: "In 2019, Elliot Cloud was born with four employees, today we are 48 people, and we are established in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.". He also pointed out that the company works with large companies and administrations at an international level and underlined with satisfaction: "Elliot Cloud manages water for 25 million people and more than 10 gigawatts of renewable energy generation; it monitors more than a billion pieces of data daily in industries around the world and manages more than 30 million pieces of utility data.  

Looking to the future, Óscar Ruiz Chicote insisted that they will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and desire that they have always put into the project. "Our goal is to position La Rioja as a technological benchmark in infrastructure management. We want to demonstrate our clear commitment to the territory and we would like this commitment to the region to be shared".he concluded. 


Introducing Elliot Sarfly at Drone Future, the solution to aid immediate response in disaster management.

Elliot Cloud has recently participated in Drone Future 2022the world's leading drone event. This conference, held from 14 to 16 October in the town of Haro (La Rioja), was an opportunity to present Elliot Sarfly our solution for immediate response in disaster and emergency management.  

Our technical director, José Díaz de Greñu, gave a lecture entitled 'Introduction to the app de Elliot Sarflywhere he explained the solution and the benefits it brings in the management of critical situations thanks to streaming technology. In addition, he gave a live demonstration of the possibilities of use in different critical situations and the advantages and improvements that its use entails in the management and treatment of an emergency. 

During the day he was accompanied byó Luis Manuel Ruiz, product owner, and our colleagues Eduardo Remirez, Olivia Arnedo and Jaime García. 

Elliot Sarfly

What is Elliot Sarfly? 

Elliot Sarfly is a powerful real-time communication and viewing tool that helps in the management of disasters, accidents and emergencies to promote faster and more effective intervention by emergency services through streaming technology. 

A combination of hardware, software and real-time services focused on maximising the efficiency of the emergency team. 

Drone Future 2022

Areas of action 

  • Streaming in forest fires. 
  • Remote health support. 
  • Thermal camera for rescue. 
  • Reception of data in a fire. 
  • Sneaky activities. 
  • Citizen security. 
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Elliot Cloud joins the eCitySevilla project led by the Andalusian Regional Government, Seville City Council, PCT Cartuja and Endesa

In 2011 the European Commission defined the roadmap for moving towards a low-carbon and competitive economy by 2050, which gave indications of how the European Union should reduce its emissions by 80% below 1990 levels through domestic reductions.

In 2018, through a European Commission report on the 'Strategic Vision for the European Union 2050: A Clean Planet for All', aimed at ensuring a prosperous, competitive and climate-neutral economy; and with the Commission's proposal in March 2020 of the European Climate Act, the framework for achieving EU climate neutrality by 2050 was set out.

eCity Seville, a project aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The eCitySevilla project responds to the commitments made by the Spanish Government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, both within the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, its Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, and within the framework of the European Union.

With our adhesion to the eCity Seville project, we are adding a new milestone linked to the collaboration with the city's business network and the positioning of the brand in Andalusia.

After several months of work, Elliot Cloud has joined the portfolio of suppliers interested in contributing their solutions for the development and implementation of one of the most important Seville flag projects, The aim of the project is to create an innovative project on Isla de la Cartuja in terms of effective public-private collaboration in the interests of sustainability and efficiency, based on five pillars: energy, sustainable mobility, building, digitalisation and participation and communication.

Objectives applied to smart cities

Elliot Cloud has positioned itself as an open solution for data processing, applied to the Smart Cities, and focused on three fundamental axes: energy, mobility and digitisation of processes

Now is the time to develop the roadmap and draw up proposals that fit in with the work themes to create alliances with other companies and achieve, in the space occupied by the Isla de la Cartuja, to anticipate the targets set for 2030 for the reduction of greenhouse gases, so that by 2025, according to the agreement of the European Council of December 2020, this will be achieved:

  • At least reduce a 55% greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990.
  • At least, a renewable energy 32% in energy consumption.
  • At least, 32.5% improvement energy efficiency.

Once these lines of work have been developed, in 2025, the PCT Cartuja will enjoy a 100% renewable energy supply, will have efficient buildings, charging points will be deployed to promote sustainable electric mobility and, all of this, will operate with a connected and autonomous system, plugged into a fully digitised smart grid, which will also provide an open data platform for the intelligent management of the park.


Óscar Ruiz Chicote: "The core of Elliot Water's solution must be the analytical capacity, based on integrated information and processes"

Elliot Cloud's CEO presented the technological solution at the first webinar on 'Keys to digitisation in the water sector' organised by Isle Utilities in collaboration with iAgua

The CEO of Elliot Cloud, Óscar Ruiz Chicotespoke at the first webinar promoted by Isle Utilities in cooperation with iWater, under the title Keys to digitisation in the water sector'.. Professionals from the sector also took part in this event to discuss the most relevant technologies and learn about the most innovative case studies in the sector today.

In his intervention, Ruiz Chicote highlighted the adaptation that water management companies are undertaking to compete in an environment marked by climate change, pollution and population growth.

In this context, he presented the benefits provided by Elliot Water in terms of digitalisation of the water sector. This technological solution, created to manage and optimise the complete water cycle, provides a complete vision and coverage of the problems of the entire process to be able to relate and orchestrate all the management and operation of the systems and devices involved.

The CEO of Elliot Cloud remarked: "The core of the Elliot Water solution must be the analytical capacity, based on integrated information and processes". He also stated that the proposal is "to have a digital twin to know what is happening in real time, and at the same time, to know what may happen in the future".

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Elliot Cloud highlights at the 4th RECI Technical Committee the need to apply technology to drive more efficient and sustainable cities

The CEO of Elliot Cloud, Óscar Ruiz Chicote, and the director of Innovation and Public Administration, José Antonio Morales, have attended this Friday the IV Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) that has been held in the city of Rota (Cádiz).

The event, which was sponsored by Elliot Cloud, brought together public and private entities to promote economic development, sustainability and improved city management using digital and technological resources.

Throughout the day, Elliot Cloud took part in two round table discussions linked to the development and promotion of the smart cities as a model for a sustainable city. Firstly, Oscar Ruíz Chicote, Elliot Cloud CEO, took part in the round table to address the topic of 'The use of technology in Tourism Sustainability Plans in Destinations', in which the fundamental role of technology in the application of the funds that the Spanish Government has allocated to advance towards the transformation of tourist destinations towards a model based on environmental, socio-economic and territorial sustainability was debated.


In addition, Elliot Cloud will also be represented at one of the panel discussions in the afternoon, which will be attended by José Antonio Morales, The European Funds and R&D&I, a way to implement improvements in public services', will be discussed by the company's Director of Innovation and Public Administration.

The meeting was an opportunity to showcase how Elliot Cloud applies the technology to infrastructure management, and cities by means of the monitoring and control of the different facilities in buildings or cities. It does this by integrating the management, control and optimisation of processes in a single data-driven software to achieve more efficient and sustainable management and operations.


Elliot Cloud signs an agreement with the Rota City Council and the University of Cadiz to promote technological innovation projects and the recruitment of talent

This agreement, which will favour public-private collaboration, will be valid for a period of four years, extendable for a maximum of four more years.

Elliot Cloud has signed this Thursday a protocol of collaboration with the Rota Town Hallthe University of Cadiz and Bosonit in an event held in the city of Rota to encourage technology transfer between the entities, promote technological innovation and research initiatives and foster the attraction of talent.

The signing was attended by the CEO of Elliot Cloud, Óscar Ruiz Chicote; the event was attended by the Mayor of Rota, José Javier Ruiz Arana, the Rector of the University of Cadiz, Francisco Pinella, and the CEO of Bosonit, Manuel Sáenz Barrio.

This agreement, established in the framework of the public-private partnership, is an opportunity to:

  • carry out technological innovation projects;
  • to host students on work placements and to carry out bachelor's and master's degree final projects;
  • collaborate in R&D&I initiatives and participate jointly in European and national projects,
  • and foster technology transfer in digital transformation and horizontal city platform between the four institutions.

Elliot agreement Bosonit, Ayuntamiento de Cádiz and Rota

The protocol will be valid for a period of four years and may be extended, subject to the agreement of the parties, for a maximum of four more years. During this period, they will also be able to determine and arrange the development of courses, seminars, teaching and research activities and the collaboration of their staff, integrating it into their own academic, professional or business activity.

Likewise, among the objectives that unite the four entities, they have agreed to create a Follow-up Commission that will be the body in charge of planning, promoting, controlling and evaluating the projects that are determined.

This agreement is an important milestone for Elliot Cloud to face new challenges and goals linked to the application of technology to achieve Smart Cities with more sustainable and efficient environments.

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Elliot Experiences: Digital Tourist 2022 by José Morales

Hello, I am José Morales Sánchez, director of the Innovation and Public Sector area. I am an expert in the R&D&I support ecosystem with more than 10 years of experience working as an innovation manager, carrying out the preparation and implementation of projects at regional, national and European level related to energy efficiency, renewable energies and energy efficiency. renewable energies, waste management and the smart cities.

I currently act as a senior consultant providing answers to public sector requests related to these matters. On this occasion I am here to present my experience at the Digital Tourist 2022 event and the aspects I found most interesting.

What is Digital Tourist 2022?

It is the meeting place for those responsible for Smart Tourism Destinations (ITD): central, regional, provincial and municipal administrations, and the digital tourism offer represented by leading technology companies. It is a social event that gives us back the networkingto facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experience.

It is an event that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experiences, at a time when tourism must regain the strategic, economic and social role it enjoyed before the pandemic.

Digital Technologies were the main themes of this 2022 edition given the implementation of Component 14 of the PRTR and how technology is the key for tourism to gain in competitiveness.

Why it is interesting to attend these events

Face-to-face events, which are making a comeback after the pandemic hiatus, offer the opportunity to network and get to know the ecosystem beyond the countless telematic meetings via a screen.

The company's presence at these events is an opportunity for first-hand dialogue with multiple agents in the tourism sector, where many companies and public administrations (councils, municipalities and associations of municipalities) met, where we were able to listen to their problems and propose our solutions and services that respond to their needs.

In addition to the specific interest in the content of the roundtables that took place, the opportunities to networking that arise at face-to-face events are very high, as they allow for a deeper understanding of opportunities and other aspects beyond those of the event itself.

Coffee breaks, travelling time to hotels or sharing a table and tablecloth, allow you to get to know people and their companies in a more relaxed state, which allows you to do a deeper business development that achieves a better positioning of the company at all levels.

Personal experience at the Digital Tourist

Tourism is one of the driving sectors of our country, and as such, the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations is a particularly interesting opportunity to generate business opportunities associated with the technological needs of these municipalities, which already have digitalisation plans and are aware of the use of technology as a tool to make them more attractive to visitors.

From my point of view, an event of this kind, which brings together actors who are already looking for digitisation solutions, is an opportunity to market to entities that are already receptive to our message, bringing together our digitisation, interoperability and transparency services with the needs of municipalities.

The overall experience was very positive. Our role as sponsors of the event allowed us to participate in the round table as speakers on such a hot topic as the management of Recovery Funds, contributing our experience from the business side and the channelling of these funds. This presentation, together with the relationships previously established with several of the actors present, as a result of our daily activity, gave us a very notorious visibility that increased the activities of networking and our relevance in the ecosystem of technology providers.

Highlights of the event

The opportunity to participate in one of the most relevant round tables due to its subject matter and the quality of the panelists, Victor Badorrey (Director of Institutional Relations of Segittur), Inmaculada de Benito (Director of the Tourism Council of the CEOE), Daniel Vega (Head of Smart Cities and Innovation at the FEMP).

The presence of leading players in the world of digitisation of the tourism sector, sharing with them the experiences of the sector and expressing the needs to increase its competitiveness and achieve an improved visitor experience.

The possibility of building quality relationships in a professional and specialised environment, while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere at the events outside the actual discussion tables.

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