The most complete technological solution for the efficient management of the water resources of municipalities and localities

A technological solution, customisable, intuitive to use, that allows, remotely, the taking of decisions and actions that help to improve energy and water management.

EMI facilitates the efficient management of water resources in municipalities and localities. It makes it easier to obtain information on water supply and consumption, the state of the networks, water leaks or malicious actions by third parties such as sabotage or fraud in consumption, among others.



Open teams
and efficiency

Our products are endorsed by the WHO (open metering systems). This means open equipment, scalability and efficiency.


Savings of
energy consumption

Through the installation of different systems we manage to optimise the
energy consumption while obtaining the same final results, thus reducing costs.


Quality and commitment

At EMI we are committed to continuous improvement and permanent evolution. We have a team of professionals who are always at the customer's service to guarantee the best solution.


Customised solutions

We design and manufacture the products that
we market in such a way that we can
to offer customised solutions, adapting them to each of our clients.


A very easy to use tool developed to be used after analyse all the information collection and processing of automatically


Remote sensing of water resources municipal

EMI facilitates the efficient water resources management of municipalities: analyses and collects information on water supply and consumption, network status, control of water leaks and malicious actions by third parties such as sabotage or fraud in consumption.

In this way, EMI provides a solution to possible incorrect or inaccurate readings that can cause water shortages, high management costs in water purification, inadequate financial management, etc., to the municipalities and administrations.


  • Data readout: tAccess to real-time readout and possibility to set periodicity.

  • Meters: Analysis, measurement and control of meters.

  • Location of leaks: Segmentation of the supply network for better location of leaks. Permanent monitoring of leaks.

  • Problem detection: Detection of problems directly related to malicious actions of third parties, situations of special attention or unexpected leaks.

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