Elliot Cloud buys Smart Metering Environment company

Elliot Cloud, with the purchase and integration of Entorno de Medición Inteligente, reinforces its capacity to apply technology to the management of infrastructures linked to the energy sector, water resources, industry and smart cities.

Elliot Cloud continues its commitment to become a benchmark in the application of technology for the intelligent management of infrastructures, with the purchase and integration of Entorno de Medición Inteligente (EMI), a company that offers technological solutions and services for the measurement and remote reading of devices.

With this operation, Elliot Cloud strengthens its capacity to apply technology to infrastructure management, as EMI's activity contributes to cover the digitalisation needs of strategic sectors such as water and energy; through remote reading systems in primary energy meters, secondary energy (heat or DHW), drinking water, providing solutions in the following areas: water and energy, water supply and energy management. remote control of irrigation infrastructuresThe company is also developing other solutions for smart cities and Industry 4.0.

This acquisition is in line with Elliot Cloud's commitment to the IoT market by constantly incorporating talent since its founding in 2019. The purchase involves the integration of EMI in Elliot Cloud and, therefore, the firm maintains its current structure and incorporates six employees to the Elliot team.

Following this operation, Elliot Cloud is able to deploy, with its own teams, Advanced Measurement Infrastructure (AMI) solutions complementing its widely implemented cloud platform for data acquisition and data processing through algorithms based on artificial intelligence, providing a service end-to-end by bringing the physical and digital worlds together in a native way.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of water meters, communication networks and data management systems that enables two-way communication between meter and utility endpoints. Unlike Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), AMI does not require utility or external personnel to collect data. The system automatically transmits the data directly to the cloud platform where, in addition to displaying data, sending alerts, billing consumption, it can detect leaks and water losses after applying the appropriate algorithm.

Technological innovation is thus positioned as a differential factor in this acquisition, so that Elliot Cloud will be able to design and manufacture the necessary equipment to carry out the communication process, simplifying and automating administrative aspects related to the management of data after its reception.

Energy efficiency and optimisation of water use

Environmental awareness and the promotion of energy efficiency driven by public institutions, as well as the regulations of different bodies, both national and community, are creating a favourable scenario for society and companies to actively participate in the changes that are necessary to achieve savings in water and energy management. In this respect, the purchase of the Smart Metering Environment promotes the development of several solutions:

  • Tele-reading system for drinking water meters for municipalities and local authorities: through the supply and installation of water meters, remote control of the status of stored water, water intake and consumption in the tank, available volume, detection of leaks and non-revenue water, sectorisation, water quality, chlorine levels, turbidity, etc. is favoured.
  • Management of energy consumption in buildings, through the installation of energy meters, cost allocators, domestic hot water and cold water, as well as the management of electricity consumption.
  • Intelligent irrigation control systemThis proprietary development, based on a low-latency, highly robust, meshed communications network, allows the control of an irrigation installation for cities or irrigation communities from any location, 24 hours a day, with the web application from a computer, tablet or mobile phone where an irrigation operation can be started, terminated or programmed.

Elliot Cloud, technology applied to infrastructure management

Elliot Cloud is a native solution for infrastructure management. It is the only one that integrates different technologies and links them together. It enables the management, control and optimisation of infrastructure processes in a single, data-driven software that has made the platform the most cost-effective, robust and comprehensive solution on the market.

Elliot Cloud is being used by infrastructures, not just regionally, but globally. The platform currently monitors more than 1 billion pieces of data per day in the industrial world, manages the Sao Paulo's drinking water networkIt manages more than 30 million utility data that improve people's quality of life, and monitors and analyses more than 25 GWP of renewable energy generation and 6 gigawatts of electricity consumption in a more sustainable way.

The company generates all this with technology made in La Rioja by Riojan talent, and with the conviction that a more efficient and sustainable management of infrastructures adds value to all processes, reducing their complexity and increasing their efficiency, competitiveness and profitability.

Blog Insights

Elliot Cloud recognised as the best "Junior Company 2022" by the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of La Rioja. 

Ehis award as Junior Enterprise 2022 distinguishes the compañía newly created for its activity focused on technologies applied to infra managementstructures  

Elliot Cloud has received the ?Empresa Junior 2022? award from the Association of Telecommunications Engineers of La Rioja (AITER) in collaboration with the regional government. This distinction recognises Elliot Cloud as a recently created company from La Rioja whose activity is focused on the ICT sector, applying technologies to the management of infrastructures linked to the . of water, energy, energy cities and industries. 

The company's CEO, Óscar Ruiz Chicote, has collected the Junior Company 2022 award during the celebration of the 15th edition of the Telecommunications Night and has conveyed the great excitement that has given the whole team to receive this award. ?We are very proud because it is a recognition of the work we have been developing for almost three years, since we were born in 2019. Therefore, I would like to thank AITER from the bottom of my heart for this distinction and the entire Elliot Cloud team for making it possible through their effort, dedication, honesty and loyalty over the years?he pointed out.  

During his speech, Ruiz Chicote defined Elliot Cloud as ?a company with a product in which different technologies are integrated into the management of theóThe main infrastructures to be managed are in the industrial sector, smart cities and buildings, energy and water. These are all currently important infrastructures that can be managed in an intelligent, efficient and sustainable way through a single cloud tool?. 

Regarding its evolution, the company's CEO explained: In 2019, Elliot Cloud was born with four employees, today we are 48 people, and we are established in Spain, Mexico, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.?. He also pointed out that the company works with large companies and administrations on an international level and underlined with satisfaction: Elliot Cloud manages water for 25 million people and more than 10 gigawatts of renewable energy generation; monitors more than one billion daily data points in industries around the world; and manages more than 30 million utility data points.  

Looking to the future, Óscar Ruiz Chicote insisted that they will continue to work with the same enthusiasm and desire that they have always put into the project. Our aim is to position La Rioja as a technological benchmark in infrastructure management. We want to demonstrate our clear commitment to the territory and we would like this commitment to the region to be shared?he concluded. 

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