Elliot Cloud wins the Emprende XXI Awards in La Rioja

Today is a day of celebration. We have been selected as winners of the EmprendeXXI La Rioja 2022 Award which organises CaixaBank y ENISA in collaboration with the ADER (Economic Development Agency of La Rioja). This award is aimed at technology-based startups, micro-enterprises and SMEs in any sector of activity. 

At Elliot Cloud we have been recognised as winnersamong the 21 participating start-ups, such as the most innovative company with the greatest growth potential in La Rioja. We would also like to congratulate the finalists Capacitanes Esports ClubEco Reciclaje Madera, Emobotics and Smart Escrow for their great work in technology and innovation.

The award ceremony EmprendeXXI La Rioja 2022 was held at the DayOne Innovation Summit La Rioja. Oscar Ruiz Chicote, CEO and Partner from Elliot CloudThe award was collected during the event, which took place at the Rioja Forum as the setting for the event. The event was attended by the following people Isabel Moreno (Ebro Territorial Director of La Caixa) who presented the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the community.  

A round table discussion was held with the participation of winners of previous editions: Fer Bozalongo (Hunty), Iñigo Fernández de Pierola (NeuronUP) and Asier Fernández of The Urban Roosters, a company which, like the Elliot Cloud, have developed their growth at the business incubator The Wick.  

The EmprendeXXI Awards are an initiative promoted by CaixaBank in the framework of the DayOne Innovation Summit La Riojathe service for technology companies and investors. They aim to contribute to the development of young innovative companies with high growth potential. Throughout their trajectory, they have established themselves as a benchmark award for start-ups in Spain and from 2018 also in Portugal. These awards are co-awarded with the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness through the Empresa Nacional de Innovación, S.A. (ENISA) in Spain and BPI Bank in Portugal, and have the support of more than 130 reference entities involved in the development of innovative enterprises.

We are proud to be recognised as one of the world's leading benchmark technology and innovation corporations and we thank Caixa Bank y ENISA for recognising our work and effort.

Elliot Cloud is the result of several R+D+i projects, developing a lot Open Source platform for smart cities, agriculture and industry. It is the most cost-effective, robust and complete native solution on the market, designed from the outset for industry and Smart infrastructures.

We are committed to integration and interconnection of technologies for more efficient management and sustainable infrastructure through our solutions Open Source. Elliot Cloud is the most cost-effective, robust and complete native solution on the market, designed from the ground up for industry and Smart infrastructures..

We offer native solutions for infrastructure, corporate and industrial management. SMART to add more value to the business in its processes, reducing their complexity and increasing their efficiency and profitability.


EFIM-Food: Elliot Cloud improves circular economy in the food industry

Industries are currently facing unprecedented climate challenges, and it is crucial that they reduce their impact on the environment and the health of the planet. With this in mind, the EFIM-Food project proposes a solution for food processing industries to bring circularity to these industries.

Elliot Cloud is participating in this project, which ends this April, seeking to improve the sustainability of the food industry through the use of advanced technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and life cycle analysis (LCA) tools.

An initiative of KYKLOS 4.0

The project is part of the initiative KYKLOS 4.0The aim of this European project is to show the transformative effects that various new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, LCA, PLM (Product Life Management) or CPS (Circular Production System) can have in the framework of circular manufacturing and, therefore, in the efficient consumption of energy, water and raw materials, and the reduction of emissions.

For this development, Elliot Cloud has the collaboration of the company Vega Pelayoa family business dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of traditional baked goods from Cantabria. Specifically, a monitoring of the manufacturing process of the well-known "Sobaos Pasiegos" has been carried out, obtaining energy consumption data in real time, visualised through the Elliot Cloud software platform. In this way, the aim is to measure the efficiency of the process in order to optimise manufacturing and reduce costs and emissions.


Finally, in addition to the deployment and connection of sensors, work is being carried out on the integration of the life cycle analysis module, developed by KYKLOS4.0, which will enable monitoring of life cycle indicators to improve the sustainability of the process and reduce the impact on the environment. The implementation of this module in the platform will favour its application in other companies in the sector interested in implementing a circular economy.


The EFIM-Food project has received indirect funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation, through the KYKLOS 4.0 Open Call # 1 issued and implemented by the KYKLOS4.0 project (Grant Agreement no. 872570).

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